Hotel zum Dom Graz


In the course of history

The Hotel zum Dom has a long-standing history going back to the 14th century. Parts of the building's foundation walls date back to this time when it was a bourgeois house. The stone vaults on the ground floor suggest an early usage for commercial purposes. The Breakfast Room and the pointed arch vault in the Steak Boutique still bear witness to this fact.

Palais Inzaghi

During the 17th century our house was demonstrably in the possession of the Count of Herberstein who alienated it to Baron Stubenberg in the 18th century. He in turn sold the property to the Count of Inzaghi in 1792. Together with another building also in the possession of the Count and located at Bischofsplatz 1, the houses were joined to form a complex to which the niche in the inner courtyard attests.

Careful Restoration

Thanks to the careful restoration we have been able to preserve the historical atmosphere and the elaborate details from different eras to this day. In suite number 6 you will enjoy the views of the stone door frame from the early Renaissance, while in some of our other suites on the second floor you will encounter finest stucco from the Rococo period.

Turned into an Inn

In 1835 the property came back into the possession of the bourgeoisie and from this moment on it housed several shops in the vaults on the ground floor. In 1902 Karl Zeltner converted the former Palais Inzaghi into an inn and in 1927 it became a 'winter beer hall'. The student fraternity Frankonia also owned part of the property and operated a fencing hall on the second floor. Much to our regret, the magnificent paintings in the former dining room no longer remain.

Hotel zum Dom

In 1996 the Schloss Finkenegg Bauträger- und VermögensverwaltungsgesmbH, a management company purchased the house and turned into a hotel. In June of 1997 the Hotel zum Dom opened its doors to guests after only seven months of construction.

Sourrounded by history

A house steeped in history

"The rooms are individually furnished, with whirlpool. The hotel with its winding corridors is located directly in the city centre, yet quiet. Eager and friendly staff." [Source:, June 2015]